Why High-Performance Computing is Essential For Enterprises?

High Performance Computing is Essential For Enterprises?

High-performance computing (HPC) is drawing in enterprises of numerous kinds and sizes. With brilliant computing power and improved execution for running propelled applications, this innovation is seeing a noteworthy interest over the globe.

In fact, the global HPC market is foreseen to grow from $32.11 billion in 2017 to $44.98 billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 7.0% in this forecast period. Industries across various verticals, including chemicals, manufacturing, government, energy and utilities, defense, and education, needs HPC solutions to resolve complex problems and calculations.

These solutions are capable of managing a massive collection of data with flexibility and ease. Moreover, it offers faster processing of data with astounding preciseness. These benefits have further extended the adoption of HPC in today’s business world.

North America to Account for the Largest HPC Market

North America is predicted to hold the largest market size in the HPC during the forecast period of 2017 to 2022, followed by Europe. The cloud services market in this locale is flawlessly moving from a disengaged solution to a platform that incorporates onsite, private, and public IaaS.

Europe stands second in terms of high performance computing market size owing to robust economic infrastructure with industrial demand for cloud applications. Besides, the HPC development in the APAC area is driven by the acknowledgment of cloud-based arrangements just as the most recent advancements, for example, IoT and edge computing.

As of late, the University of Hawai’i was granted a contract for four years, esteemed at $75 million by the United States Air Force Research Laboratory (ARL). As per this contract, the UH, with the assistance of Applied Research Laboratory is responsible for controlling the Maui High-Performance Computing Center (MHPCC).

Other tasks include – offering R&D capabilities and essential engineering in emerging computer technology and envisioning slight barriers to a modern HPC model and solutions.

HPC Aids Vaccine Research for COVID19

Research pertaining to vaccine production of COVID19 produces enormous data sets. Electron microscopy and the latest tools are utilized by researchers to visualize as well as validate vaccine candidates, and these massive data are stored in large repositories. The structure of sample vaccines shows near-atomic resolution, which requires massively parallel computing power. HPC solutions are known to aid the lab specialists in this segment amidst the outbreak of coronavirus.

HPC is now at the center of almost every drug discovery process by amalgamating its supercomputing power with the human genome project. The lab researchers produce data-driven models of human disease progression and the drug response, which are then utilized to run simulations and thereby discover new drug candidates. High-performance computing helps firms guide the researchers in the selection of drugs to improve patient’s health.

Adoption of Super Computing Power in the Cloud

Cloud computing offers several benefits over on-premises systems such as increased scalability, availability, and flexibility of usage. Cloud HPC also provides similar interests, such as elasticity, economies of scale, and low maintenance cost. Moreover, HPC in the cloud lets businesses assemble a lot more extensive network of ventures that are new to high-end computing and assist them in utilizing the advantages of low Operational Expenditure (OPEX). It additionally helps them conquer the difficulties of intensity and cooling.

In brief, HPC in the cloud gives boundless capacity and in a flash adaptable assets at a less expense. And this increased adoption of Cloud High-Performance Computing is expected to rapidly drive the HPC Market toward growth. Amazon, Penguin, and Univa are some of the top companies currently offering HPC in the cloud.

Additional Focus on Hybrid HPC Solutions

Industries are focusing on hybrid HPC solutions as the demand for HPC solutions has increased in today’s digital era. IT teams are working on setting up a balance between on-premises and cloud HPC solutions. At the same time, Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) have begun to offer turn-key HPC arrangement situations that can be modified to the particular assignment needs of associations.

Additionally, this hybrid HPC solution offers better work efficiencies. It settles security and protection concerns and brings down the support cost.

Data Security Concerns

As HPC solutions are widely accepted by industries worldwide, the data security concerns are also rising alongside. HPC opens the firm to different potential security dangers. Consider the case of an airport where HPC is an essential piece of their security framework. In this scenario, it becomes the prime target for high-profile cyber risks.

Also, HPC environments are clustered and heterogeneous, resulting in the requirement of multiple management systems to operate and thereby exposing to several vulnerable threats. The openness of HPC systems let it to be accessed by other entities, putting the data security at stake. Hence, security concern is a significant restraining factor for the growth of the HPC market.

However, these security concerns can be solved with a combination of software and hardware that boosts the power of security algorithms, detect abnormal patterns, crypt and decrypt data, analyze datasets in real-time, simulate attacks, check individualities, authorize software security proof, and many more actions.

Aurora high-performance systems utilized for security convey a strong answer for accelerating the above activities when contrasted with conventional servers and capacity. Besides, the Aurora on-node FPGAs permit secure encryption/decryption to cohabit with the firmest performance processors in the market.

The Aurora Dura Mater rugged HPC, which is one of the popular outdoor portable highly robust systems, can be deployed closer to where the data is captured to allow several on filed operations like the processing of video surveillance data, bypassing network bottlenecks, etc.,
The primary takeaway is to learn the importance of right resource management tools, which lets the experts access and optimize HPC environments while securing the data. You can either get a customary HPC equipment environment, or embrace HPC in the cloud, or the amalgamation of both, picking the ideal HPC arrangement is of supreme prominence.